Million Dollar Funnel Review

The Million Dollar Funnel Review

Everyone wants to make a million dollars right?

Sales funnels are all the craze these days and for good reason, they lead a customer though a process to ultimately buy something. Unlike boring old school websites which are not much more than a digital brochure, a sales funnel has a defined action it wants the customer to take, and does it very well. Russell Brunson is well known for developing funnels through his company Clickfunnels, if you haven’t heard of them you can check out the system risk free with a free 14 day trial

What is the “Million Dollar Funnel”?

The million dollar funnel is a sophisticated pre-built sales funnel targeted at the “make money online” niche. Anyone can grab the funnel for free, put in their own links and promote it as their own. It’s built on Clickfunnels so setup is a breeze, you don’t even need a website or a domain, simply import the funnel with one click, create a 14 day trial of Clickfunnels if you don’t have an account already, follow the step by step instructions in the videos and you are done. Bring on the money!

Who is the “Million Dollar Funnel” for?

This system is perfect for anyone starting out in the make money online niche, also anyone who wants to learn more about building funnels. Going through the process of setting up your funnel gives you a hands on tutorial to using Clickfunnels. As the funnel is already built for you it is perfect for beginners just starting out in affiliate marketing, or internet marketing in general.

Who created the “Million Dollar Funnel”?

The million dollar funnel was created by Richard and John Weiberg, the second of their creations of this type after the “Ultimate 6 figure funnel”, the million dollar funnel has better converting sales pages, more lucrative income sources and stunning copy writing.

Why should you use the “Million Dollar Funnel”?

Simply, it’s brilliantly created, easy to use and free! Well, mostly free, there are tools in the system which you will want to use to make the system work but the funnel itself is free! All the pages of the funnel have been split tested and tweaked to get the very highest conversions. Anyone can make money with this thing, I made $1000 in my very first month and have gone on to make much more. If you are interested in making money online then you should try this, if you are interested in helping other people learn how to make money online then you should definitely try this because the beauty of the system is that you make money by helping others make money too.

What’s included in the “Million Dollar Funnel”?

What you get is a 5 page sales funnel, jam packed with engaging video tutorials showing you and your future customers how to use the system. It has 3 prebuilt income sources for you to earn from and the beauty of the system is that your customers will need and want to buy them, just like I did, just like I am sure you will. You also get a prewritten autoresponder email sequence with over 40 emails written by professional copywriters, done for you and yours to use, just follow the instructions to setup your own links and make money. The Million Dollar Funnel already has a great following and is working for many people, there is also a private Facebook group where those of us who are working the funnel can chat and ask for help and get tips from others.

Free video shows EASIEST way to over $697.00 A DAY online!

Copy N' Paste Your Way to Over $697 a Day! Multiple streams of income on almost complete autopilot!! Step by step video…

What are the benefits of using the “Million Dollar Funnel”?

  • A High Converting Split Tested Landing Page

  • Video Sales Pages

  • Setup Training Pages

  • Autoresponder Sequence

  • 3 Profitable Income Streams

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Your own Online Business

If you are not very tech savvy, or you are but have struggled to make much money online then this prebuilt system is just the thing to help you get some momentum in your own internet business.

If you are just starting out and have never even heard of a funnel! Then this is a great way to learn and get some runs on the board straight away. Having a system like this with 3 profitable income streams and an engaging high converting funnel is something I wish I had 10 years when I first started out!

Will the “Million Dollar Funnel” make me one million dollars?

I truly hope so! As in all things in life and especially in internet or affiliate marketing, nothing is guaranteed, there is hard work to do, this business is not free, the funnel is free but this is a serious system with real benefits and rewards. Are you up for the challenge?

How much does the “Million Dollar Funnel” Cost?

The funnel itself is free for you to use and do whatever you like with, I recommend only making the recommended changes when setting up your affiliate links or you might break it, meaning you will have to start from scratch, or worse yet miss out on your valuable commissions.

There are 3 income streams for you to earn from, all up to use the system properly you will need to invest about $150/m. While this might sound like a lot if you are just starting out, it doesn’t take long to get those commissions coming in regularly every month which will more than cover your costs. That’s the whole point remember ;-)

How do I get started?

Great question! Just like everyone you introduce to the system who will eventually go through your very own Million Dollar Funnel, they will all start with the landing page, they will then go into your followup system which will nurture them through the process of setting up their own funnel.

Are you ready to see it in action?

Here is the landing page which will start it all for you.


Free video shows EASIEST way to over $697.00 A DAY online!

Copy N' Paste Your Way to Over $697 a Day! Multiple streams of income on almost complete autopilot!! Step by step video…

See you on the other side.



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